At PSI, we want you to get the most out of your IT investment, and we can supply the technology to get you there.

We have long term experience with both auto and light truck dealers that can make your life easier, more productive, and more lucrative. PSI’s experience in Transportation Industry IT will have your business running like brand new!

Get back to selling and servicing cars for a living. It’s what you do best. Let us handle your computer networks, equipment, and support. You’ll be glad you did!

Using your network for more than just business transactions

3rd party providers like Reynolds and Reynolds and ADP, do a great job at handling the detailed business transactions required to run a dealership. But they tend to make it difficult, expensive, and sometimes impossible to utilize the equipment you bought and paid for to do the many other things needed to make a dealership successful today. Things like controllable Internet access, office apps like word and excel, and open e-mail are for some reason not allowed, or require very expensive add-ons to use. We’ve broken the code with these guys and can give you the full functionality of the equipment you invested in AND still use the dealer specific applications you need.

Multiple Locations

Remember when your dad had one building and one lot. Things were simple back then. Today we are running multiple brands from multiple locations. Yet, we still need to run it as one business. PSI can help connect all these disparate geographic locations and departments into one unified networked business, just like when dad did it. Sigh!

Ruggedized equipment for the shop floor

At PSI, we stay on top of advances and products that can take the rigors of the shop environments. From tough laptops to rubber keyboards impervious to dirt and grime we’ve done it all. We even have enclosures to protect delicate workstations as if they were running in your plush office.

Major Application Upgrades

Are you facing the potential nightmare of orchestrating a major version upgrade of your dealership software? Don’t sweat it, we’ve done it many time before without a glitch. Just ask for our help and your troubles are over (at least as far as your upgrade is concerned).

Free Consultation

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