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In our 22 years of supporting the IT needs of Pittsburgh’s business community in general, we have developed extraordinary capabilities in several industries. Beyond simply keeping everything running, which we can do in virtually any industry or environment, in these Specialty Products & Services we have developed a keen understanding of the clients needs, the government’s regulatory “assistance”, software packages in common use, and an extensive network of contacts. These areas of speciality are always expanding but currently are:

Whether you are in the process of selecting, installing, or maintaining an EHR or PM system, or dealing with issues of HIPPA compliance and/or meaningful use, we can help. In fact, we can manage the entire environment.

Did you watch the news last night? As your business benefits from the advantages of technology, it also becomes more vulnerable. Multiple layers of security, secure offsite storage, and unstoppable servers are our specialty.

Transportation Industry

Car dealers and light truckers are typically held captive by 3rd party vendors such as Reynolds and Reynolds and ADP. At PSI we have liberated dealers from this tyranny and allow them to use their IT investment in many ways not previously possible. Heavier trucks and fleets also have special needs that we have come to know how to fill from maintenance scheduling, routing software, and fuel management systems, we have seen and conquered. Perhaps we can help you.

Legal Industry

A recent addition to our specialties list, we have found that your needs are really not all that difficult to meet and don’t have to be as expensive to meet as they are. Perhaps we are worth taking a look. Maybe there’s just not enough competition in Pittsburgh for your business? There is now!

Defense Contractors

Smaller defense contractors are now being asked to provide higher levels of connectivity and security than ever before. We have developed Security Policies that meet the new DFARS requirements and can also implement them and audit your networks for compliance. Get back to rocket science and leave the small stuff to us!

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