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Total IT Essentials is a service specifically designed to provide support to your IT staff. Thus, helping them free up time to work on innovation, so they can focus on contributing to the success and growth of your organization.


Total IT Essentials works hand-and-hand with PSI’s SMART System—a Service Monitoring, Automation, Reporting and Tracking method—that monitors all aspects of your PCs, servers and networks, 24/7. You get all of this for an affordable fixed-fee.

Total IT Essentials identifies problems before they impact productivity 70% of the time, allowing you to stretch your IT resources as much as 35%!

  • Automate critical routine tasks, without wasting the time and expertise of your staff.
  • Provide backup to your staff when they are overwhelmed by work, unavailable due to illness, vacation or training.
  • Establish a process to provide a temporary resource when you lose an IT staffer.
  • Enable your staff to provide remote support to sub-locations or even work from home when necessary.
  • Access to our expert administrators and technicians whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Acquire objective executive reports on the status and performance of your IT Network.
  • Get complete up-to-date inventories of IT assets and SW versions for accurate planning & budgeting.

Just think of Total IT Essentials as the necessary nutrients to help your business flourish. Imagine automating the mundane, yet critical daily tasks, freeing up your IT staff to work on strategic problems.

Want PSI to completely and professionally manage your IT for a FIXED FLAT MONTHLY FEE? Then PSI’s TOTAL IT is for you!

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