Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Systems (BCDR)

Backup vs. Business Continuity perfectly explained by our business partner DATTO.

Guarantee your business’s continuance in the event of a disaster.

PSI’s Total IT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Systems can provide a complete recreation of your server hardware, software, data, even your entire office facility—within minutes! You will have the option of running the system from your existing location or running it from our location with online accessibility.

Rest assured that your company’s data will always be safe with PSI’s Total IT BCDR. Our complete managed solution offers the most cost-effective and reliable way to bullet-proof your data.


PSI now offers the complete cohesive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution (BCDR) for Windows 2008 and newer servers. This reasonably priced, all-encompassing solution provides businesses with near real-time backups that includes seamless off-site data storage along with multi-year archiving and fast server virtualization capabilities.


This new image based technology performs data backup at the block level essentially eliminating failures related to open files. Block level data is raw data which does not have a file structure imposed on it. Database applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server transfer data in blocks without having to worry if files are open or being used.


Monitored 24/7 by PSI’s Network Operations Center, our backup solution continues to function even after a disastrous event without the need to deploy redundant hardware and software or the need to invest in costly fault tolerant systems.


Our technology provides the most efficient method to securing your company’s data, performing backups as frequent as every 15 minutes and providing you with peace of mind.

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