LAN PC’s, Standalone Workstations and Servers

PSI’s QuantumLeap PC’s and Servers were developed and are, assembled and tested right here—in Western Pennsylvania— to maximize performance at affordable costs. Fully compatible with the latest software, QLs are designed to dramatically improve your business environment. QLs represent leading edge, low cost, implementation of emerging technology and are backed by our three-year-warranty.


  • Solid State Non-Volatile Storage & 600mb SATA Channels
    PSI quickly realized the potential of advances in this area and the advantages it can give your employees with lightning fast response to their inputs and commands. No other manufacturer is providing this in their PC’s and Servers.
  • LAN Attached OL’s
    PSI has replaced the normal file storage drives directly with this technology when minimal local storage (up to 120GB) is required. File access, the current bottleneck in computing, is accelerated by as much as 60x.
  • High Storage Capacity OlPs’s and Servers
    Utilizing proprietary agreements to use the most advanced techniques in file caching software, PSI has created devices with the storage capacity and reliability of high capacity RAID disk drives (many terabytes of redundant data) at the speed of solid state.


  • Windows 7, 8 and Server 2003, 2008, 2012
    As registered Microsoft Partners and System Builders, we specialize in Microsoft’s operating systems. Your new QL can be ordered without an operating system or with either version of Microsoft’s workstation operating systems or both, installed and tested.

Value Guarantee

PSI guarantees that we will beat the price/performance of any equivalent PC from any manufacturer based on benchmarked speed and quoted price for a given specification – Typically by 10 percent or more. As of this writing, there are no other manufacturers offering this this technology at Any price. You will also have the advantage of local service and support in addition to telephone and remote assistance.

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