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PSI + Intel + Microsoft = the PerfectServer

We understand that “Perfect” means something different to every business, which is why each PSI server is custom configured to meet the specific needs of your unique business. Whichever way your PerfectServer is customized, it will always be engineered with the latest technologies, deliver maximum performance and come standard with our three-year-warranty. If brand names are your only cup of tea, PSI also provides Lenovo (former IBM) and Dell servers. PerfectServer Virtualization….it’s what we do.


  • Intel Processors, Chipsets, and Motherboards
    PSI uses Intel Xeon MultiCore and Intel companion chipset technology hosted by an Intel motherboard and chassis for your Server. The engineering focus provides high performance while assuring the highest possible level of availability and reliability.
  • Seagate and Hitachi Hard Drives
    Configured in a high availability RAID array, the security and integrity of your data is ensured, even in the event of a drive failure. Our Hard Drives offer new capabilities that greatly increase speed, making it quick and simple to manage a data environment.
  • Compatible with virtualization and PSI’s VAULT Business Continuity and Recovery Service
    Even the single PC business needs to ensure their data is protected in the event of hardware failure or a site disaster. PSI uses the latest technology to achieve faster, more flexible, more reliable results to backup your server, main business PC or replace your out-of-date tape back-up system.


  • Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) | Windows Essential Server | Windows Server 2012
    We are a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist and—where appropriate—use Windows 2012 as an additional member or terminal server. SBS provides your business with an amazing suite of Microsoft server products, affordably priced.—Remote connectivity to support work-from-home strategies, SharePoint services, fax services, Exchange and Outlook, collaboration, task, contact and scheduling needs.— We deliver your server with these programs installed and tested.

Value Guarantee

PSI guarantees that we will beat the price of the equivalent Dell Server—Typically by 10 to 50 percent. You will also have the advantage of local service and support in addition to telephone and remote assistance.

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