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Business Workstations

PSI’s PerfectPC Business Workstations are engineered, assembled and tested right here—in Western Pennsylvania— to maximize your value and performance. Fully compatible with the latest software, PerfectPC is designed to handle the 24/7 business environment. Our workstations represent the best possible combination of components from the highest quality manufacturers and are backed by our three-year-warranty. In addition, PSI carries Lenovo and Dell products for those who love designer labels.


  • Intel Processors and certified motherboards
    PSI uses Intel MultiCore technology exclusively for this component of your PC. Only Intel provides the best quality and integration between the PCU, chip set and motherboard components.
  • Seagate and Hitachi Hard Drives
    These drive manufacturers have proven themselves to be the leaders in reliability and capacity.—Two key features you want in your PC.
  • Additional Peripherals
    PC add-on components and additional drives are selected from the largest manufacturers in the world such as LG Electronics, Encore and ATI. Our vendors provide the highest value and leading-edge features on these components. Tell us your needs and we’ll find it for you!


  • Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 and 10
    As registered Microsoft Partners and System Builders, we specialize in Microsoft’s desktop operating systems. Your new PC can be ordered without an operating system or with either version of Microsoft’s workstation operating systems or both, installed and tested.

Value Guarantee

PSI guarantees that we will beat the price of the equivalent Dell PC—Typically by 10 percent or more. You will also have the advantage of local service and support in addition to telephone and remote assistance.

Quantum Leap PC’s

If you’re tired of slow PC’s, even new ones, consider our unique Quantum Leap PC. We guarantee it will astound you with its performance. The bottleneck in most PCs continues to be the old workhorse mechanical disk drive. They are big and inexpensive but still slow in comparison. Utilizing state of the art solid state drive technology in conjunction with caching techniques, these PC’s are 5-10 times faster than their peers. Yet, they can still offer large file capacity and reasonable pricing. PSI conceived of the idea, configured it, tested it, and are still the only ones to have figured it out. Very cool.

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