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At PSI, we want you to get back to the root of your business, and we can supply the best products, technology and technical means to get you there.

In addition to being authorized resellers of products from Microsoft, Dell and, Lenovo (the former IBM), PSI also makes and supports our own brand of PerfectComputers in partnership with Intel right here in Western PA: PSI Products & Technology

Built from the highest quality components on the Intel platform our PCs are custom configured to meet your exacting requirements and all carry our 3- year warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

It is critically important for a server to meet your exact requirements. It is after all, the one component that can stop your hold up or stop your entire operation. PSI analyzes your needs, configures, builds, installs, and supports your servers. No one else in Pittsburgh does that.

As the name implies, VAULT backs up both the data and the server hardware itself and can take over ion less than 5 minutes regardless of the problem. An encrypted copy is also kept offsite in our secure data center. Even in the event of total destruction of your facility, we can restore and run your network from there.

From running data cabling, to configuring wireless systems for mobile devices and guest access, and including setting up secure virtual private networks using the Internet to inexpensively connect your remote locations to HQ, PSI can design, install, and support it all.

Whether you run a Mobile, Windows, Apple or a Unix environment, or a mix of all three, PSI is experienced in supporting all current and recent versions of this software. Additionally, we can interface with 3rd party vendors to cut through the fog and get results for you.

VoIP allows both voice and data communications to be run over a single network, which can significantly reduce infrastructure costs. Our VoIP is state-of-the-art with all the features, phones and quality service you expect from your partner in IT.

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