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PSI can handle all of your Networking Internet Services.

Local Area Networking (Wired LANS)

Wired LANs are by far the most reliable and fastest method of connecting computers together. PSI can design and install your LAN and support it through the future. We carry a full line of name brand routers and switches to meet your budget and needs.

Wireless LANs

Wireless LANs can be a convenient way to connect portable computers and mobile devices to your network and the Internet. Many retail outlets utilize them to provide Internet connections for the convenience of their customers. Special care must be taken when doing this to keep your internal network secure and bandwidth-managed. PSI is experienced at this. Difficult coverage situations can be effectively addressed using newly available mesh technology at affordable prices. This involves using each access point as a repeater to extend the reach of the network without additional LAN wiring.

Wide Area Networks (WANs)

Once you go beyond a single location special techniques can be employed to connect your users together as if they were all in the same spot. Use of wireless devices in bridge mode allow linking buildings without expensive excavating or road crossings. The Internet can be secured using Virtual Private Network Tunneling technology to link geographically diverse locations securely, affordable and with excellent bandwidth capabilities. Many PSI clients utilize these techniques to link branches and remote employees.

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