Defense Contracting

At PSI, we want you to get the most out of your IT investment, and we can supply the technology to get you there.

OK, so you ARE a rocket scientist. And, you can clearly handle any of the support needs of your network. But, is that what you should be doing right now? Probably not, you have rockets to design. And then there’s that annoying new DFARS security document that you have to comply with. PSI’s experience providing IT Services to Defense Contracting businesses can lighten your load so you can focus on ROCKET SCIENCE!

Get back to designing great defense systems for a living. It’s what you do best. Let us handle your computer networks, equipment, security, and support. You’ll be glad you did!

Keeping your secret information well, secret, is becoming harder and harder every day. Hacking events are in the news daily and no one seems to be immune. PSI’s security solutions, including off-site storage and encryption, give you the best bet against a cyber attack, loss of data, or disruption of your network. Click on the title to see more about what we can do.

Multiple Operating System Support

I know, I know, what truly enlightened programmer would work on anything other than a Unix based PC? And your marketing people insist on using that darn Mac thing they made you buy. And now we want to communicate to the outside world and we need Exchange. But this darned Thunderbird mail client isn’t connecting securely, or is it? Aaarrrrgggghhhhhh! Take a breath, calm down, we got that too!

24/7 Help Desk

Need immediate help? It’s 3am Monday morning, the Russians are on the border and your rocket is misfiring. Your computer craps out, or Linux is doing inexplicable things to your nicely documented ordered list. Who you gonna call? If you have our service, call us!

Free Consultation

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