Why PSI?

Is your business considering hiring In-House IT Personnel? Read this first!

Consider “plugging in” PSI instead. It will save your business money and will provide seamless support when you need it the most!

Want to calculate the cost of YOUR Downtime? Do it HERE: Recovery Time (RTO) & Downtime Cost Calculator

You need to address this with an IT Professional that can avoid the these costs, at ALL COSTS!

So, the question is…

Do you hire In-House IT Personnel or PLUG IN  PSI as your “Virtual IT Department”?

Staffing is a huge chunk of IT operating expenses, so the question is: Is it more cost-effective to hire or to outsource your IT?

Let’s break it down…


  • The average salary for an IT manager starts  in the ball park of $98,000 per year! This does NOT include costs for infrastructure such as hardware, software, and cloud services or costs for employee benefits and employment taxes!
  • Expertise is limited to skill set & knowledge of personnel hired
  • Unpredictitability due to turnover (leaving for another job, illness, vacation time)
  • One or a select few personnel can only “manage what they can manage”
  • Man-hours dedicated to Network Security, Systems Backup, Hardware & Software Management leaves no time for innovation


  • Access to an entire team of IT Professionals and support staff to manage multiple issues and tasks simultaneously
  • Professionally managed 3rd-party specialists have the expertise and dedicated resources to monitor and filter data traffic and detect cyberattacks
  • IT Support for your business is unaffected by turnover due to employees leaving for better opportunities, sickness or vacation time
  • Elimination of costs required to recruit, train and manage new hires
  • Remote Business Continuity & Data Recovery to ensure having clean backups when you need them
  • Managed cloud support, including systems configuration, monitoring, and license management, all under one roof rather than multiple cloud and software vendors, and finally…

The cost of an In-House IT Hire vs. Plugging in PSI? A savings of….


I think we’ve answered that question! Call us to discuss how PSI can become your Virtual IT Department at 412-368-2260!

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