Business Continuity and Data Recovery

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Data Recovery and Continuity

It is essential for any business in today’s technology-driven world to have a well-established Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan, as a long-term strategy that allows for business operations in the event that that an unplanned event causes a disruption to business operations.

Whether it is a man-made event or a natural one, the fact is that disasters do occur. And the statistics are alarming: An estimated 35 percent of small businesses currently have a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan in place, and less than 10 percent of companies without one will survive in the event that one occurs. Prevention, of course, is the key to success.

Prevention is your first line of defense. But when undesirable events do occur, detection before they occur is critical, and correcting the system after they occur may dictate the survival of your business, and the more that a business is aware of what it takes to safeguard the information systems that support critical business functions, the better they can understand the steps necessary to ensure that their business remains operational should a disruptive event occur.

The loss of a business’s crucial data is a devastating issue that can have a huge impact on any business, regardless of size. The best way to maintain the integrity of sensitive and important data that is necessary for business operations is to be proactive, and develop a plan in advance.

PSI has the knowledge and the experience, with a team of expert professionals that you can rely on to ensure that your business is safe from disaster. PSI’s VAULT security appliance replace your valuable data in the event of a technological failure or data breach. In addition, an encrypted copy is kept offsite at a secure data center, so that your entire server room can be replaced in the event of a disaster such as a fire or theft.

PSI has the perfect solution for any company’s technology needs, whether it is Managed IT Services, IT Support, Cloud Services, or developing the right Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan that meets the needs of your business. Don’t let a disaster determine the future of your business. Contact the experts at PSI today, and let us help you develop a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan so that your resources are focused on running your business!