Does Your Cloud Provider Take Security Seriously?

Security on Your Cloud

With virtually every business organization using some form of technology, online activities are subject to security issues that can compromise both the business, users, and, in some cases, the clientele. Data breaches have made national

headlines so often that people have accepted them as commonplace; with consumers expressing more concern about cyber risk, identity theft and personal privacy than they are about their own personal safety, according to a recently released survey by Travelers.

Companies have long since turned to on-site security solutions or experts in the field of network security to oversee their data, network and applications. This equates with a sense of “control” – the concept that because data is stored within the organization, one can keep it safe. The Cloud, on the other hand, is an unknown entity – data is stored on servers and systems that are not contained with the company, therefore, it cannot be as safe.

That concept can not be any further from the truth. Experts in the field of IT Security have repeatedly refuted the Cloud insecurity myth, and believe that the Cloud can be more secure than traditional systems. However, not all Cloud providers are equal, as is the case with their level of security design and protection from internal and outside threats.

While a Cloud provider generally employs carrier-grade network equipment that is more sophisticated than that of the average enterprise, security is a crucial element to maintaining and operating any organization. Simply put, you can have the gear, but if you don’t have the tools necessary to keep the data safe, all of the expensive equipment won’t help. Therefore, it is important to fully understand your Cloud provider’s security measures, so that you can be assured that your data, as well as that of your users and your clients, is secure.

In short, the Cloud is only as good as its service provider, which is why businesses must exercise good judgment when it comes to choosing their provider and developing a plan for network security. The most effective plan is to discuss a well-defined and executed security strategy with your service provider. If your organization would like guidance learning more about network security, contact the experts at Perfection Services, Inc. (PSI) today.