Evaluating Your Cloud Service

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Cloud Services

With a seemingly endless number of cloud computing options to select from, choosing the right Cloud Service for your company can be nothing short of overwhelming. Unfortunately, all clouds are not created equal, and it is important to consider factors such as performance levels, cost and reliability when considering potential cloud computing providers. Below are just a few key points that can help you determine whenever your Cloud Service Provider (CSP) is providing the right service, support and technology that you need.

  1. Are your CSP’s security practices current, and are they monitored and adjusted as needed?
    Your data is the key to your business, and prevention, detection and response to security concerns are essential to safeguarding it. The world of online security is an ever-changing one, and it is important to be confident that your CSP understands this, and is proactive in their approach.
  2. Is your resource usage being properly utilized?Cloud resources fall into one of three categories: servers, storage, and databases. In an organization that does not have someone overseeing where these resources are being used, it is easy to become unaware of assets that need to be added or eliminated. A quality CSP should know if and when your servers are over- or under-provided, and recommend the necessary adjustments to allow maximum cost-effectiveness.
  3. Are your CSP’s services able to accommodate any future plans or changes to your infrastructure?Whether you are a small business looking to grow, or whether you are just looking to expand your options in terms of technology, it is important that your CSP offers options that allow you the resources you need, not only for the time being, but for the long run. Be sure to have a full understanding of your service agreement, so that there are no surprises down the road.
  4. Does your Service Agreement provide detailed information about exactly what you are getting for what you are paying?Complex agreements with hidden costs that don’t surface until later can create confusion as well as animosity between you and your CSP. Straightforward billing allows you to be confident in that you are getting exactly what you are paying for – without any surprise bills down the road.
  5. Is your CSP compliant with current regulations?Recent and highly publicized security breaches have led to stricter adherence to mandated compliance regulations. Your CSP should not only be aware of, but be in compliance with, any regulations that apply.

Whether you are in the process of researching Cloud Service Providers or evaluating your current one, Perfection Services, Inc. (PSI) is here to help. Feel free to contact us today, where our expert staff welcomes any questions that you may have.