Do You Know Cloud Storage?

by  | Sep 24, 2015 | Blog |

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is a term that many use but can’t clearly define. What is the cloud? How does one use it? How does it benefit your business? If you are currently using an iPhone, any form of social media or online data drive, then you are already using Cloud Storage but may be unaware that you are doing so.

Cloud Storage is not a physical device, as in the case of a flash drive, but a network of servers, each with its own function, with some running applications and some storing data.

While Cloud Storage is commonly known today in the tech world, its roots date back to the 1950’s when mainframes were so large and expensive that organizations could not afford a separate one for each user, both financially and in terms of space. A method of time sharing was utilized, in which multiple users could share both data and CPU time, which is the basis of Cloud Storage in today’s world. However, there was not enough bandwidth on the internet available to make Cloud Storage available until the 90’s, and the term “cloud computing” was first used in 1997.

In terms of storing data, Cloud Storage is rapidly becoming the method of choice, allowing both personal and business user to store files remotely rather than locally. The fact that these files are stored elsewhere, to have access to them should an emergency arise, adds to the appeal. In addition, Cloud Storage allows for a convenient way to store large amounts of data, while being able to access that data from any location that offers internet access.

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