Why Your Business Needs A Disaster Recovery System

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Disaster Recovery System

A Disaster Recovery System is an often overlooked, but essential aspect of preserving a business’ technological infrastructure. Simply put, a Disaster Recovery System is a plan for continuity in a particular business should a disaster occur that destroys a business’s resources, including important data records.

While many businesses feel that they have the tools to successfully operate on a daily basis, disaster recovery should not be overlooked. Disasters are not only unplanned but unpredictable, and the only way to ensure the successful restoration of data that is crucial to the operation of your business is to plan head with a Disaster Recovery System. This will allow you to secure valuable data and lessen the aftermath of the financial implications of data loss, system failures and decreased productivity.

Although the cost of Disaster Recovery Systems have decreased while technology and recovery times have vastly improved through the past decade, several studies show that a large number of businesses postpone or ignore Disaster Recovery. Symantec’s 2013 survey found that approximately 50% of businesses do not have an current industry standard Disaster Recovery System in place.

An organization’s IT systems are crucial to successfully running a company smoothly, which is the key reason that it is important to ensure these systems are able to continue to operate efficiently without being disrupted. Today’s networks and systems are more complex than ever, meaning that there is more potential for something to go wrong. Modern systems require more that just powering down, and the potential for loss of data even greater.

Perfection Services, Inc. (PSI) has been providing an vast array of computer support and services to businesses in and around the Pittsburgh community since 1993, with a wide network of highly-skilled specialists to ensure that each customer’s unique needs are being met.

PSI’s Disaster Recovery System provides a complete recreation of server hardware, software and data overnight, allowing you to not only retain data that is crucial to the operation of your business, but allowing you to resume operations. You will have the option of installing the system in a temporary location or running it from PSI’s location with online accessibility, thus ensuring that your company’s vital records are protected and can be retained in the event of an unpredictable event.

Understanding the needs of today’s businesses, PSI assigns each client an Account Manager who will see to it that each and every customer is receiving the perfect solution tailored to their individual needs. PSI offers a wide range of services, including Server and Network Management On-Site and Remote Technical Support, IT Management, Application & Web Development, Work Station Support & Repair, Web Hosting and more. As a local provider with national capabilities, PSI is a Microsoft Registered Partner and a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist.

For more information on PSI’s Disaster Recover Systems, or any other services, contact them today, where skilled on-hand professionals will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.