Total Cloud Services


Total Cloud Services

If the Cloud is your choice, we have the solution.

Not every situation lends itself to a cloud solution, but some just cry out for it. PSI can provide for all your IT needs whether on premise or in the heavens above.

  • Complete Facilities Management

      If you are searching for a place to house your current servers, PSI can fully manage it in our secure data center located in a bunker style fortress that also serves as the hub of Pittsburgh’s data connections to the Internet. 24/7 security, backup power, fire protection, individually secured equipment cages, multi-homed level 3 connections, and support staff all make this the perfect place to house your servers.
  • Virtual Cloud Servers

      These servers provide you with all the services you may need without the hassle and capital expense of buying and maintaining your own. These are true virtual servers meaning that you can dynamically expand or reduce their capabilities as the needs of your business changes. Management, security, and backup are left to the pro’s. All you have to do is use it!
  • File Syncronization and Sharing

      Maybe you don’t even need a server. If you have a geographically diverse workforce who only need to store files and collaborate with their peers and clients, this could be your best bet. You can still control access by individual or group and even use your Active Directory to manage this. Through synchronization, employees will still have access to the latest version of files, even when not connected to the Internet.
  • Microsoft Office 365

      Small groups and startups can benefit by simply using Microsoft’s cloud to get their office applications, e-mail, and store/share files. No Cap-Ex is required with monthly services are provided over the Internet for as long, or short, as needed.

Still not convinced that PSI has the perfect solution for your company’s technology needs?

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