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Current versions and upgrade requirements.

Keeping it simple and understandable for the small business owner who isn’t a geek..

  • Small Business Server – ACTION REQUIRED

      Microsoft’s Small Business Server, a long time stalwart for the small business, has been discontinued and the 2003 version went out of support in May of 2015.
  • Windows Essential Server

      Essential Server is the formal replacement for SBS for 15 and fewer users and provides for most all your needs sans Exchange. PSI can arrange for alternatives to Exchange including using the cloud version form MS Office 365, or a number of less expensive options. Nothing’s ever easy, is it?
  • Windows Server 2012

      Current and much improved over previous versions, 2012 provides a reasonable server solution for the growing small business. Each businesses needs vary widely, so call us to get the right stuff for your needs.
  • Windows Desktop

      PSI is still strongly recommending and installing Windows 7 as the best version for business workstations. Unless you have a touchscreen tablet, Windows 8 and 8.1 should be avoided in our humble opinion. Windows 10 is now available now and a generous upgrade program is included.


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