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PSI August 2017 Newsletter

How to Stop Cyber Extortion with Ransomware Protection!

All it takes is one click. An employee at your business opens an email, a phishing scam. Cleverly disguised as a legitimate message, the email contains links to a website embedded with malicious code. When the employee clicks on it, they inadvertently expose your company’s computer systems to a nasty strain of ransomware.

The impact is felt immediately. The ransomware encrypts all of your company’s shared resources, including important financial files. It also locks you out of your back-office application that runs your operation. Your business is dead in the water.

You can’t access your inventory, accounts payable information or order records. Your entire operation, from the back office to the warehouse, is at a standstill.

Not a problem if PSI is your information technology partner! We take snapshots of the your data every 15 minutes, all you have to do is choose a recovery point from before the infection occurred. PSI wil identify the exact time of the attack, then roll back to the clean data.

The recovery takes only a matter of minutes. Within an hour, you are back up and running again, like nothing had happened.

This is just one example of how PSI’s ransomware protection—built right into its data backup devices—is literally saving companies from one of the worst forms of malware today.

Once your data is encrypted, you don’t have many options. You can pay the ransom and cross your fingers. Or, if you’ve got PSI backing up your data like you should be, you can roll back to a recovery point before the attack happened. Poof! Data restored, ransomware gone, back in business.

Since most ransomware attacks still arise out of malicious emails, it’s important to train employees on safe Internet usage. First, they should understand the seriousness of the risks as well as you do: one seemingly harmless click could actually cripple the entire business. But also, they should be taught what to look for: how to spot a phishing email, when to trust an unknown sender, which websites and links to avoid. PSI has an employee education  program in place to educate your workforce on the dangers of malware so you can significantly reduce the chances of a successful attack.

Ransomware is only getting worse, and attacks show that the malware is getting more sophisticated and more destructive. Businesses of all sizes need to be more proactive about implementing sound business continuity strategies and technologies that will protect them from an attack.

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Ken Doerbecker, President